I first met Neale Joseph in September 2003 with his family. Neale had made the long trip to Broken Hill especially to meet me and capture the outback on canvas. Neale exhibits at my sons’ Gallery on the sunshine coast. My son David had told me that Neale was a bit of a character and a great bloke.

When Neale arrived, the weather wasn’t good – there were very strong westerly winds. He said he was going to paint outside regardless. I said “Don’t be stupid, you’re not out there in the weather, you can paint with me. I’ve got a couple of easels amd there’s plenty of room in the studio”. So he did. Neale was full of energy, I was very impressed. He was enthusiacstic, inspired by the surroundings of the area and artworks around us. It didn’t take long to create a great painting. I said “Strike, check out what Rembrandt’s done”. I called the rest of the family in to show them the work Neale had done. From then on, Neale painted furiously. We had a great time painting together, sharing many a good tale, great laughs, a fantastic time, and a faith we both had in common and consider Neale a mate for life.

It was good to see his passion, and it was great to paint side by side and share in his excitement. His zeal for colour, light and life was evident in his work.

Neale is an exciting Australian Artist. He is a natural and blessed with a wonderful gift.

Neale has achieved so much in such a short time and I believe Neale will make his mark in the art world, in Australia and Internationally. I wish him all the best with his magnificant new book – ‘A Palette of Many Colours’.

Pro Hart